Jesus Reigns Forever

Food Offered to Idols

God communicates with us through dreams and visions and also every minute and second through the Holy Spirit, so urgent issues the Holy Spirit reveals the information. Where l used to live another year, they were renovating the house, so one day the stove was not working, that day l came from work late around 21:30. I used to share a room with a somebody, when l got in the room she said, “we can't cook today, the stove isn't working and the Landlord's mother brought some food”. I replied “I had a dream last night about that food and l was warned not to eat it”. She said, “if that is the case l will not eat the food”. I was so hungry and l was going to work early in the morning. So l made a decision to pray for the food and eat it even though l knew they were Muslims. l also prayed when l went to sleep, l didn't sleep that night. Fighting with demonic spirits and it took days for it to stop. When it stopped l saw my landlord's mother in a dream asking me how did l manage to stop it, and l told her l couldn't it was Jesus Christ who stopped it, you can also stop it if you ask Jesus that's how l replied her. That shows most people their soul is used by demons without their consent because when l was struggling with those demons l didn't know she was involved until she came to ask me how it stopped. I couldn't converse with her because she couldn't speak English but in the dream her soul spoke very good English.

It is not easy to know who made the food or where it was prepared because we won't be there but God is omnipresent, he is everywhere and he can see everything where you can't reach. I did some training for a few months some years back and they used to provide free lunch, the food was good. So the first day when they told us lunch is free that meant if l had lunch l was not going to cook super because by the time l got home l was tired.

When the food came l also took a plate and went to get the food. So when l got there the Holy Spirit did not allow me to take anything among the different types of food that was on the table, not even a salad. I was surprised and l had a big question WHY? That meant l had to carry my own lunch, l also brought my own drink. First days people used to ask, then they didn't ask anymore.

Two months later a certain lady asked where they buy the food, she wanted a certain recipe because she liked the food. One of the Tutor answered “We do not buy the food from the shop, it is home made, even the cakes, salads all is home made. The guy brings the food to us”. The lady asked for the guy's number. The Tutor gave her a business card. She got a surprise because the name on the card was a name from her country so she asked “Is he from Iran?”. She was answered “Yes”. The guy was a Moslem.

I have learnt not to ask the Holy Spirit, “Why”? If I am stopped from doing anything, l now say “Thank you” whether l know the reason or not because he knows everything that is what the Lord said.”He will give me glory, because he will take what l say and tell it to you. All that my Father has is mine; that is why l said that the Spirit will take what l give him and tell it to you. John 16 verses 14-15.
The Lord showed me Jesus Christ is the door or gate to Heaven, read this: Visit to the entrance of Heaven.

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