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Detox your Body

Please Detox your Body using Zeolite as it is the quickest and easy way to remove metals from your body. I think the best way is to buy the powder but you must use a magnet to check if they is any Graphene in the powder. If you did not take the jab best to use less than a quarter of a teaspoon when you start using it, put in glass and add water, use a wooden spoon or plastic if you want to stir the mixture. Try checking with a magnet or place it around the glass and under. Try to drink a lot of water after taking it. If you do not want to mix it yourself you can buy the liquid one, please try to buy from a trusted source. Thank you.

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Chlorine Dioxide Solution

You can also Detox using Chlorine Dioxide Solution, please note I do not know if Chlorine Dioxide removes all metals from your body. You can buy the one already mixed or you can buy the parts and mix it yourself. Check the 3000ppm mixing video for CDS. Thank you.

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How to mix CDS

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