Jesus Reigns Forever

Visit to the entrance of heaven

One night in July 2013, l couldn't sleep, so l started praying as often as l could. l prayed around 3am, while trying to sleep l felt someone coming to my bedroom. It was not a living person it was the soul of someone who had died. When the spirit got in my room it became pitch-black l couldn't see a thing. I didn't ask who it was l just ignored it. The person started making noise to draw my attention, the noise sounded like someone stepping on dry leaves or someone messing around with aluminium foil. So l thought of telling the soul to leave me alone then l felt the heavy anointing of the Holy Spirit from above.

I left my body, I did not talk to the person/soul l led the way and the soul followed me. Then l stood on the clouds while l faced the Lord at the entrance of Heaven. He was facing the side l was standing and his dazzling glory started from where he was going back into heaven. His glory is the light in heaven Revelation 21:23, Revelation 22:5, l was seeing the steps to go up to heaven behind him. He can do many things at the same time. He was busy with a human figure who was on this side, l did not see who it was.

I started talking to him, l said l brought the person, not in my mother language which is Shona or in English no. I do not know the name of the language but l knew what he was saying or what l was saying in English or Shona. I also know the Language because l spoke that Language when l went to heaven when l was young. He said “Okay”. He did not tell me what to do the Holy Spirit knew what to do, I told the person to go to the other side behind the glory of the Lord to the steps into heaven. When the soul went in to heaven l made a u-turn and came back to my mortal body on earth.
brWhile l was talking to the Lord l saw one person who was getting into Heaven, When the soul/person got at the hallway(l will call it hallway l do not know what to call it) before the stairs, l could see the person trying to see where the light was coming from looking around surprised by the beauty around then up the stairs the person went. Jesus Christ is the entrance to Heaven, he is the gate John 10:9. I did look around a bit as l stood there in awe and amazement. That is when l saw that there is nowhere you can enter Heaven except by him. There is no other way it is only through him, he is the door John 14:6.
Just imagine all the time that l was there l only saw one person get into Heaven, it is a narrow way Matthew 8:13-14. Those who have been to hell say almost every second a person falls into hell that means majority of people end up in hell. Every time you pray do ask the Lord to show you the narrow way to heaven and to give you the his strength to endure the suffering that comes to those who follow his way because suffering is part of the Kingdom, you have to endure it through Christ. If you do not know how to pray learn to pray: Here