Jesus Reigns Forever

Trapped Christians

I had this dream about 1 month ago, l was walking by a certain area, people around were rushing with their daily business. Then l heard a sound and l was trying to look or listen to find out where that noise was coming from. When l looked down under the ground where l was standing listening, l saw a tunnel and heard the sound of a big dog barking non-stop. There was an underground stream with dirty water, there was fish in the water and the fish were running away from the dog and the dog was using the mouth to catching the fish from the water, the fish were running away from the dog but the dog was going after the fish and catching them because there was no where else the fish could go. The fish looked puzzled because they did not know how they got there or didn't think they will find themselves in that area. I started shouting “Please somebody help, it's here!” I was saying this pointing to the tunnel, the dog was barking louder and louder and l could hear the screams of the fish. Nobody cared, or asked what was wrong, l even tried to go close to some individuals but they ignored me, it was as though l was not there at all. While l was looking at the dog holding another fish in its mouth l woke up.

The fish were live fish not dead, that means these are believers who were trying to please the Lord, and they find themselves trapped by demons and they do not know how to get out of it. The dog was killing them one by one. This reminded me of what happened some time back, there was a prophet who was coming in the area and many people knew or know that he is a false prophet but they went to his meeting or gathering, this surprised me. I did not go. After that meeting l had a dream seeing some of the people l know who had their souls trapped at that meeting, trying to break free from the traps but they were finding it hard to run away because they do not know how to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus to be set free. Remember that the devil doesn't care about your physical body because it is not eternal, he wants you soul or spirit. It is your responsibility to train your soul how to break free from the devil and his agents. Train your soul to be buddies, best-friends, mates with the Holy Spirit, if you do not do that you can't know what is happening to your spirit because when l talked to some of the people who went to the meeting they were actually asking me why l did not come, by asking me that l knew they had no idea what was happening to their souls.

Back to the dream, l do not think the people around me could hear the dog barking because it was very close to them, if they had ears to hear they were going to hear. Most of the people in the world have closed their ears and they do not want to hear any spiritual noises or sound, which is why when l tried to draw their attention they didn't want to know. No one can help the trapped people before they are spiritually slaughtered except Christ himself.