Jesus Reigns Forever

The Visitation of Jesus

It was mid-July 2013 when l went to a revival in Blackpool, England. There were Satanists at the Revival but many people didn't know it but l knew because the Holy Spirit told me they were coming. I asked if l should go to the Revival, l was told you can go but do not take the Holy Communion, so l went. It was a Saturday when something happened in the Church, after that my skin was so painful all over my body, l was afraid to stay another night at that Hotel but after consulting the Holy Spirit I was told to stay. I thought l don't think l am going to sleep tonight. I went to bed late, l was on my own in the room. I was so tired when l got to the room, the only thing l did first was read the Bible and then l prayed.

Then l slept. I felt someone coming to the room around 3:30am. The room was very bright, l do not switch off the light when l go to bed because l don't like sleeping in darkness but the brightness was more than that of the light bulb which was in the room I lifted my head up like I wanted to get up and see who it was, then l saw Jesus Christ besides my bed, his back was to the door guarding me. His garment was as white as the snow Mark 9:3 and his face shone like the sun. I could not see his face it was exactly like the sun Revelation 21:23; Revelation 2:16. I looked, saw that it was him then l went back to sleep while he was guarding me. I didn't see the time he left but in the morning l was so refreshed, my skin was not painful as before and l felt renewed.

After that revival l told myself that is it. When you see The Lord guarding you at a place you have to know it is the most dangerous place to be, since then everywhere l go l ask if there is any danger l do not go. It is best to ask first before you do anything so that you don't do it alone.