Jesus Reigns Forever

Protection is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ

I had a dream on the 23rd of September 2015. In the dream l was instilled with fear, l was actually shacking l didn't know what to do. Someone had come into my house and destroyed the place, l could feel there was a presence of a being or spirit but l couldn't see anyone. I started praying then the Holy Spirit took me to the place where that was happening. When l got to the house l was looking around to see if there was still someone in the house, then l started calling the name of the person in that house because l knew he was still in there.

Then l saw the boots he was wearing peeping from under the table, l told him to come out. He was hiding under the table holding his daughter who is about 2 or 3 years old. When he saw me he came out of his hiding place and said “I knew Yeshua wouldn't do this to me” That surprised me because he knew it wasn't Jesus who did that but demonic spirits from the devil but he wasn't calling on Jesus to help him or asking Jesus to cover him and his family with his blood. In the dream l started clearing the place then l woke up.

There is no where you can be protected from evil spirits except in the Lord Jesus Christ. These things are happening in spirit and very very soon they will manifest into the physical. This man could actually knew that there was an evil spirit present that means he is someone who knows the Lord. When he saw me he knew l was from the Lord. We have to ask the Lord to give us wisdom to know the difference between darkness and light and to ask him to give us wisdom and knowledge to know how to use his sword to fight against the spiritual attacks from the devil. The sword is his word, Jesus has the sharp two edged sword that comes out of his mouth Revelation 1 vs 16 and Revelation 2 vs 16. Read the Bible on daily basis every time before you pray.