Jesus Reigns Forever

Money Worship

I had this dream on the 20th of April 2016. I was in a Church, the Church was big either it was a revival or a Mega Church. People were singing and l was just looking in front at the Pulpit, there was no one in front but there were some people sitting over that side, l think they were the VIP.

Then a woman stood up from the VIP side and started singing coming close to the Pulpit area. She was singing a very uplifting song saying people must repent from their sins, in the dream l thought this is true worship l also stood up to sing, then l heard a child's voice, l looked and saw the child beside the woman, the child also had a microphone and a coin in another hand. When the woman sang the child also shouted lifting the coin up “Double your offering! Double your offering!” Then l woke up.

The congregation knew the song but they were not singing in the background, she sang on her own. I do not know why she was using the child to make the people pay more, maybe because children are innocent so if they ask people will give. The Holy Spirit has left many pulpits because of money worshipping.