Jesus Reigns Forever

Grab the Glory

I had this dream about a month ago. Someone was holding something in her hands, she was busy doing something, then she saw the glory of the Lord and she dropped everything and grabbed the glory and she was whisked up into something, l did not see the outside of that thing transporting people, l only saw the inside when the person was dropped in it. She was surprised because she did not expect that to happen when she grabbed the glory, but she was so so happy that she took the chance.

Many people who are seeing the glory of the Lord are not keen to dump whatever they are doing. In another dream l saw another person who looked up and saw the glory and thought l can not leave what l have in my hands but l have to go so l will go with it, the person actually thought nobody will notice whatever was in the hand. The person did not go any far and was dropped back on the ground after a few yards. Even when he or she was given the chance the person didn't want to throw away whatever was in the hand. The person kept on holding firmly and checking the hand every now and then to see if the thing was still in the hand, the thing was dark in colour and the glory is pure, it doesn't work no matter how hard you try you can't have it both ways and you can not cheat God, he is omnipresent, he sees everything averywhere. You have to surrender, total submission for you to be purified. The Messiah is coming, you have to prepare the way if you want to be counted worthy to enter the wedding feast in Heaven.

Grab the glory while you can, it will be gone very very soon, at Rapture it will be gone. Rapture is not a fallacy, ask the Lord Jesus he will tell you. Dot no ask people. See verses about Rapture on the differences between Rapture and the Second coming: Here.