Jesus Reigns Forever

Food Offered to Idols

When l came to live in a foreign land l never thought things will change spiritually, l knew physically most of the things will change because it was a new country different from where l come from in Africa, Zimbabwe. I had never gone to anybody's house who was not a Christian because most of the people l knew, associated or socialized with when l lived in Zimbabwe were Christians.

The Lord told me when you get to England you eat what you know by that he meant what l used to eat while l was in Zimbabwe, unfortunately some of the things were not available.

Some of the jobs we used to do were waiting jobs in Hotels and after the shift they usually give you food if there is anything left, as you know waiting job 4hrs is like 10hrs it is very tiresome because you will be running around. So one day we waited at one of the major Hotels in Berkshire and there was an Asian wedding. They were doing their rituals, burning staff, talking to their god and dancing around it was just unusual. When all guests had eaten they asked the waiters to come and take some food. Honestly l was shocked because three quarters of the waiters on that shift were Zimbabweans and they were Christians but all of them ran to the kitchen to take the food. I just stood at a distance watching them and some were asking “Don't you like some food?” I answered “No thanks”. Then l asked some of them didn't they see people at the wedding doing their rituals, they said they did and that had nothing to do with food and we will pray anywhere when we get home. I don't know if they really understood how food offered to idols damages your Spirit.

The first commandment is: 1. Worship no god but me. 2. Do not make yourselves images of anything in heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth. Do not bow down to any idol or worship it, because lam the Lord your God and l do not tolerate rivals.

That is why God instructed the Israelites to kill everybody when they were invading Canaan because he knew if they kept some of the people alive those people will go on worshipping their idols and the Israelites will end up worshipping idols and eating the food offered to idols and that will turn them away from God. When the Israelites camped at Poer, the Moabite women invited them to sacrificial feasts where the god of Moab was worshipped. The Israelites ate the food and worshipped the god Baal of Poer (Numbers 25 verses 2-4). That is what The Lord Jesus Christ was talking about in Revelation 2 verse14 ”But there are a few things l have against you: there are some among you who follow the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak how to lead Israel into sin by persuading them to eat food that has been offered to idols and to practise sexual immorality” The Lord is actually saying this is still happening. It is a sin to eat food offered to idols and many people are doing it without knowing and many people are also worshipping idols without knowing.

Most of the hidden sins you will never know them if you do not have the Holy Spirit. Jesus said it is better that l do go away because if l do not go, the Helper will not come to you. When, however the Spirit comes who reveals the truth about God, he will lead you into the truth. He will not speak on his own authority, but he will speak of what he hears, and he will tell you of things to come. He will give me glory, because he will take what l say and tell it to you. All that my Father has is mine; that is why l said that the Spirit will take what l give him and tell it to you (John 15 verse 13-14). That means if you do not have the Holy Spirit there a lot of things you do or a lot of sins you do that you are not suppose to do as a follower of Jesus Christ. When you have the Holy Spirit he will tell you what to eat and who to worship, what to do and what not to do.

I was going to Church and nobody ever mentioned that it is a sin to eat food offered to idols, because most of the times l would see people from my Church going to shops they knew the honours worshipped idols and buy ready made food from there. Every time l tried to go and buy, the Holy Spirit will say no you do not buy from there, sometimes l used to ignore the Holy Spirit and say how come they buy and we worship together, so l will also go and buy but when l got home the Holy Spirit told me to chuck the staff in the bin. That taught me a lesson next time l do not follow people l follow Christ.

I used to stay a bit far from major shops but there was a shop close-by the owned by a Muslim. So l didn't use to buy many things there especially food l used to go to major shops which were about 20minutes walk away, even if l needed milk l used to go to major shops. I had a friend of mine who lived close to the shop and he used to laugh at me going all the way to buy a bottle of milk yet it l could get it even cheaper close-by, “milk is milk it does not matter where you buy it from”, he said, he was also a Christian. I did explain to him that we do not worship the same God so lam not allowed to buy some things from the shop especially food. So one day he went to the shop very early a few minutes before they opened, the shop owners thought the door was locked but it was not, my friend got in the shop went a bit further because he could smell something burning and could see a bit of smoke. He was shocked with was what he saw, they were actually doing their rituals for the day before the shop opens and they were spraying some things on some shelves. He did not buy what he wanted, he said l couldn't it was bad l could not believe what l was seeing. Then he said you were right all along l thought you were crazy, but how did you know they do that, he asked. I answered him l don't know they do that but the Holy Spirit knows everything so l don't have to see them to believe, l believe what the Holy Spirit tells me because God sees everything. From that day he also started going to major shops to buy milk.

Every follower of Jesus Christ must know that the Holy Spirit resides in you. You can not eat food offered to idols if you want God to fill you up with his Spirit. There is a demonic spirit behind every idol and you can not see the demons with your own eyes but they are there. So if you eat food offered to different idols in the end you will just be a den of demons and if you do not ask the Lord for the Holy Spirit you will never know, that is why many Christians are shocked to find themselves in hell when they die.

Daniel made up his mind not to make himself become ritually unclean by eating the food and drinking the wine from the royal court, so he asked Ashpenaz to help him, and God made Ashpenaz sympathetic to Daniel. Ashpenez however was afraid of the king, so he said to Daniel, “The king has decided what you are to eat and drink, and if you don't look as fit as the other young men, he may kill me.” So Daniel went to the guard whom Ashpenaz had placed in charge of him and his three friends. Test us for ten days,”he said. “Give us vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare us with the young men who are eating the food from the royal court, and base your question on how we look” He agreed to let them try it for ten days(Daniel 1 verse 8-14). They didn't eat meat not because they didn't like it but because it was offered to idols. This was in Babylon and the meat was “Halal”. Everything in the royal court was offered to idols.

Early days when l came to England some friends of mine used to buy meat from a market in London, so l thought they say its cheaper and its not halal, l also made plans to go with them because they had a car easy transport. We bought the meat, yes it was cheaper than the major shops where l used to buy. After a few days they asked me if l liked the meat we bought and doesn't it taste better than the meat you are used to eat? I replied, “l don't have it anymore l chucked it in the bin”. They wanted to know why so l told them it was halal. “How did you know?” they asked. “The Holy Spirit told me not to eat it because it is halal” l said. They said l should have given it to them, they were Christians, that means they didn't care as long as they saved some money.