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Idol Worship

I thank God the creator of heaven and earth, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for opening up and showing me how important it is to pay attention to who we worship and what we eat as this is very crucial if you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Once you know God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and avoiding eating food offered to idols you can enjoy the fullness of the presence of the Holy Spirit as long you repent and ask the Lord to purify you in his blood everyday and also remaining faithful to him.

What is Idol Worship or What is idolatory?

* the worship of idols (or images)
* the worship of polytheistic gods by use of idols (or images)
* the worship of animals or people
* the use of idols in the worship of God.

The first commandment is: 1. Worship no god but me. 2. Do not make yourselves images of anything in heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth. Do not bow down to any idol or worship it, because l am the Lord your God and l do not tolerate rivals.

Idolatry is the worship of an idol or a physical object as a representation of a god, the worship of images that are not God or to hold something as more important to us than God the creator. Idol worship is what turned the Israelites away from God. Idol worship is everywhere, I am not going to focus on other religions because l have seen people worshipping idols in churches. Try by all means to read the Bible and understand idol worship especially in the Old Testament. Nothing changes history always repeats itself, it is just like the time of Elijah(1 Kings 18) but a bit modernized, if you do not know the Bible or you do not have the Holy Spirit you will worship idols without knowing. At the time of Elijah remember almost everyone was worshipping Baal even the King.

The Church authorities will never tell you that this is an idol because they are benefiting from it. I remember when l was going to Church people didn't like tithing. So the Church created another way to give and gave it a modern name quite attractive than tithing and the majority of the people give that idol in the Church, not to God but the Church organisation idol. They made it affordable so that most of the people stopped tithing and gave to that idol. This is what they say, “If you can't tithe you can pay this, it is the same thing”. But is it really the same thing? The answer is “No”, it is not the same as tithing it is an idol. I was surprised that people do not realise that they are giving money to an idol. It is a bit modernized because they do not make an object as they did in the Old Testament so you will think it is Right with God(Kosher) but it is not. God did not give an alternative, ten percent is ten percent it is just as easy as that. You have to show Christ that you are committed, how can he fill you up with the Holy Spirit if you give to idols.

About four years ago a friend asked me accompany her to a church service. It was new year's eve so she said in my country l always go to Church at new year's eve, she was from Europe. l also said in my country l used to but since l came to the UK l never did. So we agreed to meet at a local Church of England for a service that night. I was warned in a dream not to go days before we had the conversation but l ignored the warning and went. They were doing what they do in that Church, moving around with candles, when l sat down the Holy Spirit told me to tell them to stop what they were doing because it is part of an evil ritual. But how could l do that, l thought l don't know anyone here and it was my first time to go there and the Church was packed, some people where actually standing at the entrance. My friend came a bit late and l told her l was leaving, she said l just got here and the service is not finished so l stayed put. Then they started collecting offerings, the Holy Spirit said to me do not give your money here, don't do it, so l didn't l just passed the collecting basket to the next person. After l left the Church l spent days battling with demons. It is difficult to know God if you go to a Church like that, the congregation do not even pray, there is no preacher they just read Bible verses it is like a traditional gathering. Some churches they now worship the Devil, that you will never know if you do not have the Holy Spirit or ask sincerely the Lord Jesus to reveal the truth to you. They do not do it physically but in Spirit, it is the most shocking deception l had ever seen, they actually think they are worshipping God the creator. These are end times you have to know God, know Jesus and know the Holy Spirit. Believing is not enough you must know them.

You must also not eat food offered to idols learn more: Food Offered to Idols